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Test Flag

Sometimes, specially with a present , a present update or absent states, you would like to verify the changes that may happen before actually applying them

For that you can use the state flag “test”

  --test, -t            Set the idem run to execute in test mode. No changes
                        will be made, idem will only detect if changes will be
                        made in a real run.

As an example,

idem state states/my_resource_group_state.sls -t

After that Idem will provide similar output, indicating that the resource “would” and the actual operation
in this case, our state would update our Azure Resource Group named “moff-idem-01” with new meta-data if we decide to enforce it :

      ID: moff-idem-01
Function: azure.resource_management.resource_groups.present
  Result: True
 Comment: Would update azure.resource_management.resource_groups with parameters: {'tags': {'createdWith': 'idem'}}
 Changes: None
Last updated on 10 Feb 2022
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