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These are common issues and fixes as well as useful hints.

  • If you get Crypto requirements issues, make sure to upgrade pip to the latest, regardless of the OS you are using.
# Upgrade to the latest PIP to meet the Crypto requirements (Windows Example)
python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip
  • If you get a KeyError: ‘subscription_id’ , it’s likely the ACCT_KEY is not exported
~/SCRIPTS/idem ❯ idem describe azure.compute.virtual_machines                                                                                           idem 15:51:32
[ERROR   ] Error during describe: KeyError: 'subscription_id'
  • You can view the full error messages by using the –hard-fail flag
~/SCRIPTS/idem ❯ idem describe azure.compute.virtual_machines --hard-fail
[ERROR ] Error during describe: KeyError: 'subscription_id'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/sammcgeown/SCRIPTS/idem/.venv/bin/idem", line 8, in <module>
File "/Users/sammcgeown/SCRIPTS/idem/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/dict_tools/data.py", line 183, in __getattr__
return self[k]
KeyError: 'subscription_id'
  • List the idem versions/plugins

~/SCRIPTS/idem ❯ pip list | grep idem                                                                                                                   idem 15:58:27
idem               14.0.2
idem-aiohttp       3.0.0
idem-aws           0.12.1  /Users/sammcgeown/SCRIPTS/idem/idem-aws
idem-azure-auto    0.0.2   /Users/sammcgeown/SCRIPTS/idem/idem-azure-auto
idem-gitlab        1.0.0   /Users/sammcgeown/SCRIPTS/idem/idem-gitlab
  • By default idem.log will be written at your environment home, you can change the location and log level with idem command line to obtain more detailed information
idem describe aws.ec2.vpc --log-level debug

More logging options are available:

Logging Options:
  --log-datefmt LOG_DATEFMT
                        The date format to display in the logs
  --log-file LOG_FILE   The location of the log file
  --log-fmt-console LOG_FMT_CONSOLE
                        The log formatting used in the console
  --log-fmt-logfile LOG_FMT_LOGFILE
                        The format to be given to log file messages
  --log-handler-options [LOG_HANDLER_OPTIONS [LOG_HANDLER_OPTIONS ...]]
                        kwargs that should be passed to the logging handler
                        used by the log_plugin
  --log-level LOG_LEVEL
                        Set the log level, either quiet, info, warning, or
  --log-plugin LOG_PLUGIN
                        The logging plugin to use
  • On macOS, you get the error: "[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed"
    Python 3.6+ now includes its own private copy of OpenSSL 1.0.2. and is configured with its own private openssl directory for root certificates
    As noted in the ReadMe, there is a simple double-clickable or command-line-runnable script ("/Applications/Python 3.6/Install Certificates.command") - replace Python 3.6 with your specific Python version, e.g. 3.9
    Detailed information issue28150
Last updated on 28 Feb 2022
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