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**Autogenerated function**

Deletes a cost anomaly subscription.

    name(Text): An Idem name of the resource.
    resource_id(Text): Subscription ARN to identify the resource

    Dict[str, Any]


    .. code-block:: sls

            - name: value
            - resource_id: value
**Autogenerated function**

Describe the resource in a way that can be recreated/managed with the corresponding "present" function

Retrieves the cost anomaly subscription objects for the account.

    Dict[str, Any]


    .. code-block:: bash

        $ idem describe aws.costexplorer.anomaly_subscription
**Autogenerated function**

Adds a subscription to a cost anomaly detection monitor. You can use each subscription to define subscribers with email or SNS notifications.
Email subscribers can set a dollar threshold and a time frequency for receiving notifications.

name (Text): An Idem name of the resource - The name for the subscription.

resource_id (Text, Optional): Subscription ARN to identify the resource

AnomalySubscription (Dict) -- The cost anomaly subscription object that you want to create.

    MonitorArnList (List) -- An Idem list of cost anomaly monitors.

    Subscribers (List) -- A list of subscribers to notify.
        (dict) --
        The recipient of AnomalySubscription notifications.

        Address (Text) --
        The email address or SNS Amazon Resource Name (ARN). This depends on the Type .

        Type (Text) --
        The notification delivery channel.

        Status (Text) --
        Indicates if the subscriber accepts the notifications.

    Threshold (float) -- The dollar value that triggers a notification if the threshold is exceeded.

    Frequency (Text) -- The frequency that anomaly reports are sent over email.

    SubscriptionName (Text) -- The name for the subscription.


.. code-block:: sls
      - resource_id: 'string'
      - monitor_arn_list: list
      - subscribers:
        - Address: 'string'
          Status: 'string'
          Type: 'string'
      - threshold: float
      - frequency: 'string'
      - subscription_name: 'string'

      - resource_id: arn:aws:ce::12345678910:anomalysubscription/12345678-1234-1234-1234-1234567891011
      - monitor_arn_list:
        - arn:aws:ce::12345678910:anomalymonitor/12345678-1234-1234-1234-1234567891011
      - subscribers:
        - Address: abc@email.com
          Status: CONFIRMED
          Type: EMAIL
      - threshold: 10.0
      - frequency: DAILY
      - subscription_name: test_subscription

Full plugin documentation is available on the Idem documentation site - aws.costexplorer.anomaly_subscription .

Last updated on 20 Sep 2022
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