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Idem AWS Plug-In

The various states available for use in the Idem-AWS plugin are documented briefly on the Idem AWS Plug-In States page.

To install the latest “idem-AWS” Plug-In

pip install idem-aws

or you can install / upgrade to an specific release

pip install idem-aws==0.17.0

Please note this plug-in requires Python 3.7+ and idem 17.0.1

You can verify installation with pip

pip list | grep idem-aws

And obtain more details, including version and required dependencies

pip show idem-aws

You can pull the container image bundle that includes the idem + idem-aws plug-in

# GitHub Container Repository
docker pull ghcr.io/vmwarecmbutmm/idem-container:aws-latest

You can also learn how to launch it and gain access to the Dockerfile at VMwareCMBUTMM/idem-container-aws

After Installing the Plug-In you can now set up the credentials needed for the Plug-In to authenticate to AWS.
Then you could follow a few use case examples .

Last updated on 20 Sep 2022
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