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Learn Idem

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Getting Started

Welcome to “Getting Started” with Idem. Idem is an idempotent dataflow programming language. It exposes stateful programming constructs that makes things like enforcing the state of your cloud resources, an application, configuration, or anything really….very simple.

Idem is super simple to learn and even easier to get started. In this section we are going to guide you through the steps to get you managing you cloud environments. It’s an easy three step process:

1. Install Idem

Idem can work on any operating system. It’s available from source or through a package manager. (Make it easy on yourself..use the package manager route)

2. Select a Cloud Plug-Ins

Now it’s time to pick a could to manage. These examples will focus in on Azure but other clouds Plug-Inss will become available soon.

3. Authenticating with Idem

It’s super easy to manage multiple clouds and authenticate to then with Idem. You can even have multiple credentials for the same cloud and switch between them. It’s just easy.

Understanding Idem Basic Commands

There are some basic commands that are used often with Idem. In this section you will get to know these commands before tackling your first cloud.

Other Resources

Learn more about Idem at Documentation Resources
Idem is built using Plugin Oriented Programming
Join the community Idem Project and Slack Channel

Last updated on 16 Mar 2022
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